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Ośrodek narciarski Turracher Höhe

1.400 - 2.205m
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Turracher Höhe
1.400 - 2.205m
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Wczoraj, 16:00
120 cm
55 cm
14 z 15
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Godziny Zima

03.12.2022 - 23.04.2023
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09:00 - 16:00


14,5 km
24 km
3,5 km
42 km


  • Hirschkogellift - ein ca. 750 Meter langer Schlepplift
  • Investierung in die Beschneiungsanlage
  • Pistenverbesserungen
  • NEU! ONLINE TICKETS über unseren Webshop: Ab kommenden Winter wird es möglich sein, Tages- & Mehrtages-Skipässe in unserem Webshop zu kaufen. Sie erhalten nach Kaufabschluss einen QR-Code mit dem Sie den Skipass bei unseren Kassen oder einem unserer Ticketautomaten abholen können.

Das Skiticket kann für Ihren nächsten Skitag auf der Turracher Höhe aufgeladen werden, womit Sie sich den Weg zur Kassa/zum Automaten sparen und direkt durch das Drehkreuz gehen können.

Ośrodek narciarski

The Turracher Höhe offers the ultimate skiing experience, all modern comforts and guaranteed snowy conditions.

Great slopes at even greater altitudes. Modern, luxurious cable cars and lifts. Optimum snow conditions thanks to the area’s geographical suitability for plenty of powder. There’s ample space on the generous slopes, and a series of comforts off-piste, all of which makes a trip to the Turracher Höhe a happy winter experience indeed.

Winter happiness is all-round entertainment which goes far beyond mere skiing pleasure. Your dreams come true at the Turracher Höhe, the small, but beautiful ski resort between Carinthia and Styria, high up in the Nock mountain range. Here, guests can revel in high-altitude winter sports thanks to the cable cars and slopes located at up to 2,205 metres. The resort is also known for its attention to detail in terms of extra-skiing activities – from the cosy, warm “living room” in the Kornock cable car valley station, the generous scattering of welcoming sun loungers and the Turracher slopes butlers, who are always on hand to fulfil guests’ every need up on the ski slopes. Under these circumstances, it’s normal to feel like a king on skis!
This is a ski resort for beginners and pros, carvers and snowboarders, who all have ample room to manoeuvre on the spacious slopes. However, the area’s diversity is even greater than this: cross-country, ice-skating, winter hiking, snow shoe hiking, curling…

The Turracher Höhe is a small, but beautiful family-oriented ski area between Carinthia and Styria. 14 mountain cable cars and lifts (four 6-seater chairlifts, 1 combi lift, 1 chairlifts, 7 drag lifts, 1 rope tows) and 41 km of varied slopes catering to all abilities are available for skiing pleasure.


Bergbahnen Turracher Höhe
Turracher Höhe 178, A-8864 Turracher Höhe

+43 4275 8252
Informacja o warunkach śniegowych
+43 4275 8252
+43 4275 8252 17
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