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Ośrodek narciarski Hochrindl - Sirnitz - Deutsch Griffen

1.540 - 1.886m
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Hochrindl - Sirnitz - Deutsch...
1.540 - 1.886m
Mapa stoków Ośrodek narciarski Hochrindl - Sirnitz - Deutsch Griffen
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11.12.2021 - 13.03.2022
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09:00 - 16:00

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Nowości Hochrindl - Sirnitz - Deutsch Griffen

NEU - TICKET WEBSHOP shop.hochrindl.at/de/
Online-Ticketkauf & 2G-Nachweis und -> direkt auf die Piste!

Ośrodek narciarski Hochrindl - Sirnitz - Deutsch Griffen

Hochrindl / Sirnitz / Deutsch-Griffen 800m - 1900m
Winter experiences in the Nockberge mountains
The Hochrindl has long been popular as a family ski resort. The village is currently preparing for the International Nockberge Open Cross-Country Race (Volkslanglaufrennen) on 3rd and 4th February 2007, where participants will compete for the ATOMIC trophy!
Welcome to the ski resort of Hochrindl in the Nockberge mountains in Carinthia. From now on, your motto should be to “breathe deeply and race off”! Visit the Hochrindl and enjoy carefree winter fun on 20 km of ski-runs, awarded the Carinthian sea of approval. Cross-country skiers can look forward to a top-class sporting event in February 2007. Amateurs and pros alike are invited to the Hochrindl’s high-altitude cross-country runs on 3rd and 4th February for the biggest cross-country sporting event in Southern Austria.
All-inclusive accommodation deals for downhill and cross-country skiers…
Cosy huts for relaxing après-ski, and welcoming accommodation will form the basis for your feel-good trip to our region. You can also enjoy great winter hikiing, ski tours, tobogganing, ski courses and the magnificient mountain backdrop… There’s a mini-club for the kids, and the snow bunnies always have something up their sleeves to entertain your offspring! And there’s plenty of great offers: kids of up to 6 years travel FREE on the lifts!
Why not take advantage of the pre-season active and pampering weeks, which are repeated from 7th Jan – 3rd February and from 25th February onwards?
A week’s half-board in a cosy guesthouse + 6-day ski pass + free use of the cross-country ski-runs + snow shoe tour + tobogganing session with hut evening entertainment…all this from only 295 €!
3 nights’ half-board in a cosy guesthouse + free use of the cross-country ski-runs + three snack tickets (regional specialities free with your overnight stay – helps you refuel and tastes great!)… all this from only 105 €!
Info: go to www.hochrindl.at. To register and book accommodation, go to: info@hochrindl.at
Tel: 0043/4279/24012

Kontakt Ośrodek narciarski Hochrindl - Sirnitz - Deutsch Griffen

SHL Hochrindl Lifte GmbH
Steingartenweg 2, A-9571 Sirnitz

+43 4279 7358
Informacja o warunkach śniegowych
+43 664 7623236
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