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Ośrodek narciarski Katschberg

1.066 - 2.220m
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1.066 - 2.220m

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Nowości Katschberg

Katschi -
a heart for families!

Katschi, the mascot of the ski area Katschberg, has come up again in all kinds of families this winter.

Of course, there have always been on the Katschberg, which is required in many other ski areas for a long time: the family card. A day ticket for two adults and one child will cost 110,00 euros, a saving of 7,50 euros compared to normal rates.

Katschis Kids World. Parents who love themselves want alone experiencing pure skiing pleasure for a few hours, to know their children's children in Katschi-world good hands. In this restricted area really have only little tots with their caregivers access. Per Minijet (platter lift for children only) enter the young skiers on the ski hill and then have to pass through various plastic Katschifigures first curves in the snow. Every time one of the characters is happening, spurs Katschi its guests with an encouraging "Super, Super!" To another top performance.

But Katschi you can encounter in the rest of the ski area: an employee of the mountain railways namely touches the blue Katschi Hearts costume over and ver-shares sweets to children.

Height-adjustable conveyor belts Suitable for children Beyond even with the lifts. 2 Lift waiting are all chairlifts permanently ready to facilitate the younger guests boarding. By pressing a button you can make the conveyor belt on which one slides into butter-soft in the chair, higher, so that even the smallest ski dwarf manages to get started. By the way, the conveyor belt, which was integrated into the bridge over the Katschberg federal highway and the two ski mountains Tschaneck and Aineck combines was originally actually provided as a children's transport facilitation. Meanwhile, however, enjoy large and small alike comfortable "Katschberg-ferry" ...

Ośrodek narciarski Katschberg

Welcome to the family ski resort Katschberg!

Fast and directly on the Tauern motorway (A10) available, you expect 70 km of slopes, 16 state-of-the-art ski lifts and the cosiest chalets in the Alps.

Snow warranty between 1066 and 2220 m altitude. 100% of the slopes are equipped with modern snow machines. Fantastic pistes for all levels connect the provinces of Salzburg and Carinthia. Up to ten kilometers long runs you can Get to St. Michael.

Most of the slopes (about 70 km) is considered to be moderate, for beginners are easy runs (10 km) are available. Ambitious sportsmen will find 10 black pistes their challenge. In Katschi's world is the exclusive kids a fun park with mini-jet and talking cartoon characters available. The trend, the Aineck a "fun park" with "Half-Pipe", "Pro-Jump", "high jump" and was "Slide" set.

Short waiting queues and perfectly groomed slopes guarantee Katschberg Mountain Railways.

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