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Snowpark Turracher Höhe

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Snowpark Turracher Höhe

Turracher Höhe


Snowpark Turracher Höhe – Extended Setup in High Definition

The Temple of Shreds in the heart of the Carinthian Nocky Mountains

The Snowpark Turracher Höhe kicks off its ninth season in winter 2020/21 and offers a lot of snow fun for all levels with its 4 areas . On more than one kilometer the 50 obstacles can be combined in different lines and riding styles - the perfect open-air-playground and the freestyle hotspot in Carinthia.
A setup that hardly leaves any wishes open and brings along a bunch of new features this season. The stoke is real especially with the new obstacles. Besides the extension of the jib area with a fat jersey barrier, snowboarders and twin-tip acrobats can also look forward to 3 new Flat Tube Spine elements. Furthermore, there is now even more space for sessions in the Beginner & Family Area. Also, the pros among the Turracher shredders won't miss out, because the huge kickers and sick rail lines are back in the office waiting to be slayed. The park is located on the beautiful Kornock and can be looped with the Kornock track as often as your leg strength and lift times allow.

You can find all information and updates about the setup on the homepage, on Facebook or Instagram. You have sendy Air-Time Shots or nice Rail Slide Captures from the park and want to be in the feed?Then tag @snowpark_turracherhoehe or add the hashtag #snowparkturracherhöhe! See you rocking the Nock!

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Dzisiaj, 05:01
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Otwarte wyciągi

Snowpark Turracher Höhe

Wysokość n.p.m.
2000 m
400 m
Earth-based elements
It is a whole slope which is only for freestylers and the terrain fits nearly perfectly for the park.
Medium-Line Jump Kicker (Kicker)
Medium-Line Jib Tank (Specials)
Beginner-Line Jump Kicker (Kicker)
Medium-Line Rail Curved (Rail)
Beginner-Line Jump Kicker (Kicker)
Medium-Line Tube Flat (Pipeslide)
Beginner-Line Jump Kicker (Kicker)
Family-Line Jump Table Top (Kicker)
Beginner-Line Jump Table Top (Kicker)
Beginner-Line Jump Kicker (Kicker)
Medium-Line Jib Kinktank (Specials)
Advanced Line Jump Kicker 16m (Kicker)
Medium-Line Rail Down/Flat/Down (Rail)
Medium-Line Rail A-Frame (Rail)
Medium-Line Jib Pyramide (Specials)
Beginner-Line Butter Box Rainbow (Box)
Beginner-Line Butter Box Dance Floor (Box)
Medium-Line Rail Down (Rail)
Medium-Line Jump Kicker (Kicker)
Medium-Line Rail Rainbow (Rail)
Medium-Line Jib Jersey Barrier (Specials)
Medium-Line Rail Down (Rail)
Beginner-Line Box Down (Box)
Medium-Line Tube Down (Pipeslide)
Medium-Line Jib Pole Jam (Specials)
Medium-Line Jib Bankspine (Specials)
Family-Line Butter Box Dance Floor (Box)
Family-Line Jump Spine (Kicker)
Family-Line Jump Spine (Kicker)
Family-Line Jump Spine (Kicker)
Beginner-Line Butter Box Elephant (Box)
Medium-Line Jump Hip (Kicker)
Advanced-Line Jump Kicker 13m (Kicker)
Beginner-Line Butter Box Elephant (Box)
Medium-Line Jump Kicker (Kicker)
Medium-Line Jump Hip (Kicker)
Medium-Line Tube Flat (Pipeslide)
Beginner-Line Jump Table Top (Kicker)
Medium-Line Rail Industry Flat (Rail)

Weitere Informationen

Park Size
Park Designer
Hilton Scott
Ocena 2,5
148 Oceny
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