Ośrodek narciarski La Grave - La Meije

1.400 - 3.550m
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Godziny Zima

17.12.2022 - 01.05.2023
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09:00 - 16:30


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2 km (1)
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19 km
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By 2022, as part of the plan to modernise the cable car line, SATG plans to renovate the second section between 2400m and 3200m, still in the same spirit of modernising without altering: the cable car will keep the same speed.
At an altitude of 3200m, the visitor reaches the Glacier de la Girose via the Col de Ruillans. The modernisation of this arrival station is also an opportunity to offer a unique scientific and educational space. This new exhibition and exchange space is designed to pass on information to the general public and to future generations, and is part of an effort to raise awareness about the future of our glaciers and the consequences of global warming in the high mountains.
The replacement of the existing ski lift on the glacier is also an important step in the adaptation of La Grave's offer to the new climatic requirements. The current ski lift, which is still powered by an internal combustion engine, is no longer a solution, and the work to prepare its ascent path on the glacier is no longer acceptable.
With its replacement, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75%, as well as reduce the area groomed on the glacier by more than 60%.
After various economic and territorial studies conducted during the Chambon crisis and consultations with the local population, the commune decided to include the replacement of the ski lifts by the construction of a teleport in its DSP contract.

Ośrodek narciarski

Off Piste - Experience

You are not in a typical ski resort...

In 30 minutes, the cable-car (téléphérique) takes you to 3.200 m, where you can create your own itinerary for the descent. You can choose from vast glacial escapes to steep chutes, snow fields, gullies and forest - a world away from the marked trails, the ropes, and the signposts of a normal ski resort. Let your skill level and your inspirations guide you.

When exploring the domain of La Grave-La Meije, you are not in a typical ski resort.
This is a real mountain environment, you ski in an unmarked, and non-patrolled area at your own risk. This freedom requires a certain technical level, but more importantly humility, responsibility, and respect for Mother Nature.
For your own and everyone elses well-being and peace of mind, you need to take certain precautions before heading out. You must be aware of all mountain hazards including rocks, avalanches, crevasses, and be ready for the possibility of drastic weather changes.


SATG – Téléphériques des Glaciers de la Meije
Le village, FR-05320 La Grave

+33 4 76 79 94 65
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+33 4 76 79 90 05
+33 4 76 79 92 67
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Godziny Lato

15.06.2022 - 15.09.2022
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