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Ośrodki narciarskie Tyrol

Ośrodek narciarski Waidring - Steinplatte

1.100 - 1.900m
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Waidring - Steinplatte

1.100 - 1.900m

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Nowości Waidring - Steinplatte

New product winter 2020/21:
Currently, the 6SB Chapel lift is being dismantled and replaced by a new 8-seater chair lift from Doppelmayr (D-Line) with seat heating, automatic safety bars, weather protection hoods and a lift platform conveyor (for safe access for children). Figures for the new lift: Travel speed: 5 metres per second, travel time: 5.29 minutes, transport capacity: 3200 passengers per hour, number of vehicles: 70. At the top station, an additional underground chairlift station is being built for parking. Highest comfort, short waiting times and more safety for children!

A highlight in this skiarea is for sure the Snowpark Steinplatte, with it`s lenghts of 1,5 kilometer it is one of Austrias longest parks, with Jibelements and Kickers for every level.

The Triassic Funline just beside the snowpark and is perfect for the first freestyle attempts and great fun for younf and old!

An unvorgettable experience is aswell our viewing plattform, you can reach it via a short and wonderfull winterwalk starting from the top station of the Steinplatte Gondola.

Ośrodek narciarski Waidring - Steinplatte

Even more comfort at Steinplatte/Winklmoosalm ski resort
Safety and fun for the whole family

"Groundbreaking" news for the start of the season in the popular family ski resort Steinplatte-Winklmoosalm: The 25-year-old Kapellenbahn lift has been replaced with a modern 8-seater chairlift - higher comfort, shorter waiting times and more safety for children! Located in the middle of the Tyrol-Salzburg-Bavaria border triangle, and easily accessible from Waidring (AT) and Reit im Winkl (D), the ski resort impresses with over 42 kilometers of top quality slopes and magnificent panoramic views. Freestylers enjoy the innovative Steinplatte Snowpark with more than 50 elements, and the Triassic Funline with exciting dinosaur features is a treat for any child. Non-skiers can enjoy fantastic views while hiking to the viewing platform or the stalactite cave and cross-country skiers are made to feel right at home at Winklmoosalm.
There is something for everyone!

Find more information regarding ski passes, events and happenings on !

Kontakt Ośrodek narciarski Waidring - Steinplatte

Steinplatte - Waidring
Alpegg 10, A-6384 Waidring

+43 (0)5353 5330
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+43 (0)5353 5330 0
+43 (0)5353 5330 10
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