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Ośrodki narciarskie Tyrol

Ośrodek narciarski Oetz - Hochoetz

820 - 2.300m
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Oetz - Hochoetz

820 - 2.300m

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Wyciągi Oetz - Hochoetz


Godziny Zima

11.12.2021 - 18.04.2022
Godziny otwarcia
08:30 - 16:30

Stoki Oetz - Hochoetz

12 km (4)
21,5 km (7)
4 km (2)
Freeride/ Trasy
3,5 km
41 km

Nowości Oetz - Hochoetz

A new challenge awaits ambitious winter sports enthusiasts: the black Piste No. 14 connects the Balbach area with Ochsengarten.

Up until now, winter sports aficionados in the Balbach area could only return to the Acherkogel top station via Mohrenkopfbahn. The approximately 1 km long new section opens up a second alternative via Ochsengarten. Piste No. 14, which was newly built in the summer of 2020, starts just above the base station of Mohrenkopfbahn in the direction of Ochsengarten. This new stretch has also become the longest downhill run in the whole ski area: the distance between the top station of Wetterkreuzbahn via Pistes No. 13, 10 and the new Piste No. 14 to the base station of the efficient Ochsengartenbahn (hourly capacity of 2520 people) is 5 kilometers. Once again, Hochoetz lives up to its reputation as a particularly relaxed snow sports spot: the stream of skiers is perfectly distributed on a variety of downhill variants for every skill level - without any waiting times.

Ośrodek narciarski Oetz - Hochoetz

The ideal skiing resort for the family skiing trip to Tyrol

Wide and vast slopes for all degrees of difficulty await you in the Hochoetz skiing resort. That's why the sporty mother loves the resort just as much as her little son with ski racer ambitions. But also the dad who wants to perfect his carving swing but also grandma who likes to approach the slopes slowly. It is immediately apparent to everyone: Families and children are welcome here!
The straightforwardness of the skiing resort is at the same time the biggest value of the Hochoetz skiing resort and gives you the feeling of being amongst friends. The private and personable atmosphere, all day child care, nursery, children's ski school, special fun park for children, indoor recreation and play areas are convincing arguments. And the family friendly tariffs ensure that the family skiing trip is not only unique and unforgettable but also affordable.

Kontakt Ośrodek narciarski Oetz - Hochoetz

Schiregion Hochoetz
Angerweg 13, A-6433 Oetz

+43 5252 6385
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+43 5252 6385
+43 5252 6385 15
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