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BERGFEX: Ośrodek narciarski Scuol Motta Naluns - Urlop narciarski Scuol Motta Naluns - Wintersportgebiet Scuol Motta Naluns

Ośrodki narciarskie Gryzonia

Ośrodek narciarski Scuol Motta Naluns

1.250 - 2.800m

Scuol Motta Naluns

1.250 - 2.800m

Mapa stoków Ośrodek narciarski Scuol Motta Naluns
Informacje dotyczące zaśnieżenia Dzisiaj, 07:22
Dzisiaj, 07:22
185 cm
50 cm
13 z 13
Otwarte wyciągi

Wyciągi Scuol Motta Naluns


Godziny Zima

15.12.2018 - 22.04.2019
Godziny otwarcia
08:45 - 16:30

Stoki Scuol Motta Naluns

26 km
32,50 km
11,50 km
Freeride/ Trasy
brak danych
70 km

Nowości Scuol Motta Naluns

For Kids in skischool: Child care over lunch!

Ośrodek narciarski Scuol Motta Naluns

Scuol, Motta Naluns, the snow sports resort

The resort of Motta Naluns, which lies above Scuol, Sent and Ftan (1,250 – 2,785 above sea level) is really something quite special. Take advantage of one of the 2 gondolas from Scuol or the chairlift from Ftan to reach the winter sporting paradise of Motta Naluns quickly and easily, where 11 additional lifts are waiting for you. The area’s 70 km of slopes include challenging slopes and steep escarpments, easy, gentle slopes through larch forests and meadows, hot-blooded mogul pistes and swathes of deep powder, and are perfect for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities. The resort also includes unusual and attractive routes, such as the fun park, boarder cross and airboard slopes, developed especially for airboarders. The breathtaking snow run down to Sent (10 km) is truly unparalleled.

  • 70 km of piste magic from 1,250 – 2,800 m above sea level
  • 10 km breathtaking run down to Sent
  • Fun park for freestylers and snowboarders
  • Large children’s amusement park with magic carpets, fun slopes and tunnels
  • Expansive, varied freeride area
  • Snow fun can also be combined with the Räthischer railway or a trip to the luxury indoor pool complex
  • 3.5 km toboggan run from Prui to Ftan
  • 3 km airboard slopes from Prui to Ftan
  • 3 km sunny cross-country route in Motta Naluns
  • Sunny winter hiking trails with panoramic views

Kontakt Ośrodek narciarski Scuol Motta Naluns

Ośrodek narciarski Scuol Motta Naluns

Bergbahnen Scuol AG
Via da Ftan 495, CH-7550 Scuol

+41 (0)81 861 14 14
Informacja o warunkach śniegowych
+41 (0)81 861 14 00
+41 (0)81 861 14 10
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Ocena 4,7
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