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BERGFEX: Ośrodek narciarski Champéry / Portes du Soleil - Urlop narciarski Champéry / Portes du Soleil - Wintersportgebiet Champéry / Portes du Soleil

Ośrodki narciarskie Valais

Ośrodek narciarski Champéry / Portes du Soleil

1.050 - 2.450m

Champéry / Portes du Soleil

1.050 - 2.450m

Mapa stoków Ośrodek narciarski Champéry / Portes du Soleil
Informacje dotyczące zaśnieżenia Dzisiaj, 15:11
Dzisiaj, 15:11
105 cm
50 cm
196 z 196
Otwarte wyciągi

Wyciągi Champéry / Portes...


Godziny Zima

22.12.2018 - 22.04.2019
Godziny otwarcia
08:30 - 17:00

Stoki Champéry / Portes...

320 km
210 km
70 km
Freeride/ Trasy
50 km
650 km

Nowości Champéry / Portes du Soleil


  • Ski pass: online selling on www.skipass-pds-ch.ch
  • Night skiing: on Wednesday & Saturday
  • Rock The Pistes Festival: 17-23.03.2019


  • Bikepark Champéry - Morgins is open from May to October.

Ośrodek narciarski Champéry / Portes du Soleil

The largest cross-border ski domain in the world! Skiing at Portes du Soleil is a panoramic experience sans frontières, set against the amazing backdrop of the Dents du Midi and the Mont Blanc in an exceptional natural environment.

12 ski stations and 10 ski lift companies span the French/Swiss border to offer skiers and snowboarders one of the most incredible winter sports playgrounds in the world. Looking for achallenge? The Portes du Soleil offers pure adrenalin-rush pistes, from the famous "Swiss Wall" - classed as one of the world’s steepest - to the "Tovassière", an extreme run exposed to the elements and a long way from the comfort of a ski lift!

Prefer to build skills a little closer to home? Then the Portes du Soleil resorts have got it covered with 21 snowparks, boarder-cross and ski-cross. Families, beginners and relaxed skiers also enjoy more than 120 gentle blue runs and 35 greens, with a team of some 1,300 teachers and guides on hand. Why not perfect your technique this year? Great options for children include fun and games in the snow.

For tranquil runs or extreme challenges - discover the two sides of Portes du Soleil this season, with perfect conditions from December to April.

During the winter the cable car Champéry - Planachaux and the modern chairlift Grand-Paradis take you in less than 5 minutes directly into the Portes du Soleil. Over 600km/400miles of pists make the skiers’ and boarders’ hearts beat faster.

Kontakt Ośrodek narciarski Champéry / Portes du Soleil

Ośrodek narciarski Champéry / Portes du Soleil

Tele Champery-Crosets Portes du Soleil SA
Route de la Fin 15, CH-1874 Champery

+41 (0)24 479 02 00
Informacja o warunkach śniegowych
+41 (0)24 479 02 11
+41 (0)24 479 02 02
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