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Ośrodek narciarski Vallter 2000

2.100 - 2.535m
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Vallter 2000

2.100 - 2.535m

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Ośrodek narciarski Vallter 2000

Vallter 2000 resort, which opened in 1975, is located in the heart of peaks exceeding 2,800 m above sea level. In this resort, users can combine alpine skiing in the central slopes with ski mountaineering in the area called "el Xalet".

The resort it's in Ripollès region and within Setcases. Vallter 2000 is ideal to practice outdoor sports. Moreover, in Vallter 2000 users can enjoy other activities, such as snowshoeing, snow camps, nivology workshops, snowboarding, freeride, sledging or Tubbing at Playpark.

Thanks to its extraordinary situation in northern Pyrenees, visitors can enjoy a panoramic, unique and exceptional view. From 2,535 m high they can see the bay of Roses and Cap de Creus (Costa Brava). In addition, its proximity to Girona allows skiers to go to the resort in a quick and improvise trip.

This year the resort offers a new promotion related to the concept "Up&Down". It is an offer that combines the ascent with the descent. Thanks to this new option, the resort becomes the ideal destination for people coming from Barcelona and Girona, due to their proximity to Vallter 2000.

Vallter 2000 offers a huge variety of activities and services, which allows visitors to enjoy an excellent experience in the resort. Moreover, it has reasonable prices for all people.

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