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BERGFEX: Biegi narciarskie Passo Lavazè - Passo Oclini (Val di Fiemme): Narciarstwo biegowe Passo Lavazè - Passo Oclini (Val di Fiemme)

Narciarstwo biegowe Trentino

Narciarstwo biegowe Passo Lavazè - Passo Oclini (Val di Fiemme)


Passo Lavazè - Passo Oclini (Val di Fiemme)

Loipenplan Passo Lavazè - Passo Oclini (Val di Fiemme)

The Cross Country Centre Passo di Lavazè has always been a point of reference for nordic ski enthusiasts

Located at Passo Lavazé, on a plateau between Trentino and South Tyrol, with its over 80 Km of trails, perfectly prepared by a professional technical staff, and the numerous itineraries, the centre is able to satisfy skilled skiers and beginners alike.
The enchanting sight from the pass, the natural environment surrounding the tracks and the sun shining on most of the ski circuit, are the main features of the place, ideal destination for all enthusiasts of this sport.
The connection with Oclini, located at a slightly higher altitude, has furtherly increased the number of possible itineraries, and also allowed tha practice of skiing until Spring.

A few typical mountain malgas are dotted along the most popular routes and are ready to welcome you with their traditional dishes. From the coming season it will also be possible to reach some of them on foot or snowshoes, along a few paths expressly designed for enchanting walks.

On these trails takes place the Lavazeloppet, a traditional international cross-country ski race with classic technique, which anticipates the Marcialonga, “the queen of cross-country ski marathons” of just a few days.


Day skipass € 8,50
Afternoon skipass € 6,50 (from 1. pm)
Weekly skipass € 45,00
Seasonal skipass 10 entries € 70,00
Seasonal skipass 15 entries € 100,00
Seasonal skipass no limit entries € 120,00

Możliwości gościny

Albergo Dolomiti www.albergo-dolomiti.it
Hotel Bucaneve www.bucanevelavaze.it
Hotel Schwarzhorn www.schwarzhorn.com
Berghotel Jochgrimm www.jochgrimm.it
Gasthof Schmiederalm www.schmiederalm.it


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15 klasyczne szlaki narciarskie 80 km
  Die Loipen sind jeweils parallel für klassisch und Skating gespurt.
15 Trasy do skatingu 80 km
  Die Loipen sind jeweils parallel für klassisch und Skating gespurt.
15 Biegi wysokogórskie 80 km
  Wunderbarer Panoramablick auf unzählige Gipfel der Dolomiten und der Zentralalpen.
Ocena 5,0
1 Ocena
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Vuerich Service - www.vuerichservice.it/

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Vuerich Service - www.vuerichservice.it/

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APT Val di Fiemme

Via F.lli Bronzetti, 60, I-38033 Cavalese
+39 0462 241111
+39 0462 241199

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