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BERGFEX: Karlovac: Urlop Karlovac - Podróże Karlovac

Lika - Karlovac



Karlovac, known as the town of four rivers, is also known as the town of parks, the the of long tradition and sociable inhabitants. Everyone is welcome, especially those who love to enjoy nature, fresh air and quiet surroundings.

Ever since medieval times, Karlovac has been a good and safe place for families. The reasons for such a safe life is the fact that it was located at the confluence of four rivers. Founded in 1579 as a reaction to the Ottoman attacks, Karlovac has long since been considered a bastion of the North. Due to its position, it was junction of many commercial routers leading from the north down to the Adriatic. The old Karolina, Jozefina and Lujzijana Roads were the pulse of the town, ensuring its economic growth and development. However, the river worthiness of the river Kupa should also be taken into account, as it used to be the means for transporting grain and wood.

Today, Karlovac is a different town, but remains an important meeting point of the north and the south, east and west, accessible to Europe. What makes the town special are not the roads and crossroads, but a variety of events throughout the year, good people, cultural and historic monuments, healthy gastronomy and beautiful nature. It offers everything necessary for a perfect family vacation. In fact, the town’s most valuable asset is its commitment to families.

Source: www.karlovac-touristinfo.hr

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Kontakt Karlovac

TZ Karlovac
Petra Zrinskog 3, HR-47000 Karlovac

+385 047 615 115
+385 047 600 602

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