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Kaiserstuhl und Tuniberg

190 - 558m
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Kaiserstuhl und Tuniberg

190 - 558m

The Kaiserstuhl Nature Garden: A Culinary Region!

In the Upper Rhine plain, the volcanic massif of Kaiserstuhl and Tuniberg rises in front of the Black Forest receding into the Bay of Breisgau. The vineyards of Kaiserstuhl and Tuniberg emerge like islands from the Rhine plain between the Black Forest and the Vosges. Excellent wines, culinary delights and nature experiences - this is what the region is widely known for.

A holiday in the region of Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg is the best opportunity to indulge in culinary delights. Almost like in the Garden of Eden, all kinds of fruit and fine vegetables ripen here. On the menus in the restaurants and so called "Straußenwirtschaften" around the Kaiserstuhl you will find the whole variety of Baden cuisine.

Hospitality and joie de vivre are written in capital letters here. In addition, the Kaiserstuhl and Tuniberg offer ideal climatic and geological conditions for vines. Some of the best German Burgundy wines thrive in the region. Let yourself be spoilt by the unmistakable landscape and the culinary delights of the Kaiserstuhl.

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Tourismusbüro Naturgarten Kaiserstuhl
Marktplatz 16, D-79206 Breisach

+49 7667 942673
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