In the heart of the Croatian highlands lies Brinje and its settlements, the crown of Lika and its northernmost point. Between the slopes of two robust mountains called Velebit and Mala Kapela, there exists a place that takes pride in its tradition dating back to ancient times and its heritage of which we are very proud.

Many envy us because of our nature, though they easily fall in love with Brinje and its surroundings. This is where heaven and green tops combine to create magic, the legends that we pass on from generation to generation, and songs depicting its beauty. The crystal clear air fills the lungs, creating an strong appetite for our delicacies. The warmth of the karst region will entice you back again to Lika, again to our green paradise … This is where the winters are very cold, airy summers, magical autumns, and vigilant springs. Each season has its own enchantment; one more reason for another story and another visit.


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