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BERGFEX: Ośrodek narciarski Predigtstuhl / Bad Reichenhall - Urlop narciarski Predigtstuhl / Bad Reichenhall - Wintersportgebiet Predigtstuhl / Bad Reichenhall

Ośrodki narciarskie Bawaria

Ośrodek narciarski Predigtstuhl / Bad Reichenhall

480 - 1.614m

Predigtstuhl / Bad Reichenhall

480 - 1.614m

Mapa stoków Ośrodek narciarski Predigtstuhl / Bad Reichenhall

Wyciągi Predigtstuhl / Bad...


Godziny Zima

Godziny otwarcia
09:00 - 16:00

Stoki Predigtstuhl / Bad...

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Nowości Predigtstuhl / Bad Reichenhall

Ortovox Avalanche Park - The safe training since December 2014!
To be prepared for the challenge of an avalanche, there will be a Training Park in the Schlegel trough. With fixed transmitters and trained guides you are able to simulate complex avalanche situations to be prepared for the worst.
For groups by appointment! Depending on snow conditions.

Ośrodek narciarski Predigtstuhl / Bad Reichenhall

When winter draws in and Bad Reichenhall is covered with snow, you can experience your very own winter fairy tale. Nature itself creates an Alpine winter experience on the Predigtstuhl far away from mass-tourism and ski circus atmosphere.
The clean air and the peace of the alpine upland allows you to leave the busy daily-life behind you and harmonize with nature.

As the Predigtstuhlbahn operates throughout the year, you can comfortably get to the Predigtstuhl in Bad Reichenhall in winter too.

Hike amidst pristine landscapes and snow-covered Alpine meadows on snowshoes or tour skies.

Whether after a hike or just for resting: relax on our deckchairs in the winter sun and enjoy the savoury Bavarian delicacies at the Alpine hut Schlegelmulde while the children are playing with the Zipflbob and the tube on the toboggan run.

Quelle: www.predigtstuhlbahn.de

Kontakt Ośrodek narciarski Predigtstuhl / Bad Reichenhall

Ośrodek narciarski Predigtstuhl / Bad Reichenhall

Josef & Marga Posch GmbH & Co. KG
Südtiroler Platz 1, D-83435 Bad Reichenhall

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