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Ośrodki narciarskie Vaud / Regiony Jezioro Genewskie

Ośrodek narciarski Les Diablerets

1.200 - 3.200m
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Les Diablerets

1.200 - 3.200m

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Stoki Les Diablerets

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Ośrodek narciarski Les Diablerets

In Les Diablerets you can choose from two ski domains to satisfy all levels of skiers:

  • The resort Meilleret with its connection to Villars resort for more experienced skiers.
  • And the resort Glacier 3000 for serious ski-lovers, with the famous “Combe d’Audon”

Skiarea Meilleret
The Meilleret domain is most appropriate for accomplished skiers, in particular, thanks to its steeper slopes and connection to the ski resort of Villars-Gryon (a total of 25 ski-lifts and 84 km of slopes)
The Les Vioz ski lift was built in 1942 for the Meilleret domain, one of the first in western Switzerland. In 1977, Meilleret domain was extended to cover the area as we know it today, 1 Gondola (Vioz-Jorasse-Mazots), 3 chairlifts (Ruvine-Meilleret et Conche-Mi-laouissalet-Laouissalet) and 3 drag lifts (Pony - Vers l'Eglise - Ruvine).
The varied and wide slopes of Meilleret, mainly blues and reds are suitable for good skiers. The famous toboggan run and the brand new floodlit “Jorasse” piste complement the palette of this wonderful winter playground.

Glacier 3000 Area - More info HERE!
At the highest point of the Vaud Alps you will find “Glacier 3000” with skiing at over 3'000 m altitude!
The ski area of Glacier 3000 consists of 10 ski-lifts and 28 km of slopes, enjoy easy slopes for beginners to the famous "Combe d'Audon" one of the longest and most demanding slopes in the region (secured off-piste skiing - one day after snowfall).

Kontakt Ośrodek narciarski Les Diablerets

Télé Villars-Gryon-Diablerets SA
Case postale 133, CH-1884 Villars-sur-Ollon

+41 (0)24 495 81 13
Informacja o warunkach śniegowych
+41 (0)24 495 81 13
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