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BERGFEX: Ośrodek narciarski La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo - Urlop narciarski La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo - Wintersportgebiet La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo

Ośrodki narciarskie Owernia-Rodan-Alpy

Ośrodek narciarski La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo

1.850 - 2.620m

La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo

1.850 - 2.620m

Mapa stoków Ośrodek narciarski La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo
Informacje dotyczące zaśnieżenia Wczoraj, 15:50
Wczoraj, 15:50
240 cm
120 cm
z 38
Otwarte wyciągi
Best wishes for this new year to come in La Rosière!

Wyciągi La Rosière - Espace...


Godziny Zima

15.12.2018 - 26.04.2019
Godziny otwarcia
09:00 - 16:30

Stoki La Rosière - Espace...

sehr leicht
Freeride/ Trasy
152 km

Ośrodek narciarski La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo

"La Rosière is the most Italian flavored ski resort of all the resorts in the Savoie. Perched at an altitude of 1,850 m, La Rosière is a south-facing resort that boasts glorious sunshine and breathtaking views. The resort’s buildings are loyal to the traditional Savoyard style, displaying wood, stone and slate features that showcase the local artisans’ talent. La Rosière is a friendly and family-orientated resort. Thanks to its liaison with La Thuile in Italy, La Rosière is the only resort in the northern Alps to be part of an international ski area, the Espace San Bernardo, whose 160 km of slopes straddle the border between France and Italy, providing guaranteed snowfall. Choose between spending the day on the glistening slopes above La Rosière itself or setting off towards Italy, taking in the magnificent surroundings as you glide through the Petit-Saint-Bernard under the watchful eye of the Mont Blanc massif, the Ruitor glacier, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn. Tickle your taste buds with Savoyard and Aosta Valley specialities or try your hand at one of the up-and-coming snow sports - snow kiting and speed-riding. There are also a host of more sedate activities to choose from, such as snow shoe walks and spa treatments, as well as a wide variety of après-ski entertainment including a bowling alley, disco and ice rink. La Rosière boasts the “Famille Plus Montagne” classification, which means it is ideal for a family holiday, but whoever you come away with - your partner, your family or your friends - you are sure to have an unforgettable holiday in La Rosière!

79 SLOPES 8 green, 25 blue, 31 red e 15 black. 38 LIFTS 1 cable car, 18 chairlifts (10 high-speed detachable lifts), 19 drag lifts. 3 free drag lifts for beginners. 5 SNOWZONE Mini-snowpark du Lièvre Blanc (green) Boardercross du Fort (red) Snowcross* des Chamois( red) Snowcross* des Zittieux (black) Snowpark de la Poletta + BIG AIRBAG patrolled off-piste area Between 1176 m (Les Ecudets) & 2650 m (Le Belvédère) FACILITIES 2 slalom runs 408 snow cannons 2 sledging areas 3 FFVL (French Hang-Gliding Federation) CERTIFIED ZONES Hang-gliding,Snow kiting, Speed Riding CROSS COUNTRY SKIING Free 5 km"

Kontakt Ośrodek narciarski La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo

Ośrodek narciarski La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo

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+33 (0)4 79 79 06 80 51
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Ocena 4,7
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